A note about: Packaging!

Hey wonderful people!!

With this recent slew of orders from all of my wonderful customers, I realized my packages that are going out the door are rarely packaged the same way twice!

This may look crazy to you guys, but it's because I do my absolute best to recycle packaging materials that are sent to me by my suppliers. So some days things are packaged with bubble wrap, sometimes packaging peanuts (trust me, ick, but at least they're being reused), sometimes biodegradable packing peanuts. Sometimes the boxes are huge and sometimes I have to think of inventive ways to get everything in one box. 

So remember, if you didn't place an order with Amazon, but you've got an amazon package on your doorstep, fear not, it's probably from yours truly.  

And Happy Mother's Day to the mamas, step-mamas, and the fur baby mamas!

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